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After working in the Bulletin Office, I went to one of my regular visits to work in her office on Monday. One booth was occupied, a second was occupied and a third filled up shortly after people came to take away. In the evening, after we had lunch in Montclair, we called our favourite Cafe Moderno and asked if it was open. The popular restaurant was less popular that day, but the few dining rooms were scattered accordingly and people went, drove and went in with snacks.

We sat down with bacon and eggs and then dined on our iced tea, read and relaxed in familiar surroundings. On our way out, the server put a lid on the iced tea and refilled it, and we sat and read. It was a way to get out of the office building, read, try different kinds of food and experience a scene change.

The money you spend in your own community helps businesses and restaurants thrive and pays for the services that everyone expects. Whether you are dining in a restaurant, shopping in a retail store or using professional services in the city, you contribute to the community's ability to support community businesses, municipal services and support your local economy by dining in restaurants, shopping in retail stores and using professional services in the city.

If you buy gasoline or a restaurant in Chino Hills, you are not only helping the city, you are also buying the services we pay for. By spending your hard-earned dollars whenever you can, and spending with your local shops and restaurants, and by spending in your own community with our local stores and retail outlets, we also help pay for these services.

The sales tax rate in our area is 7.75%, and $1 of this amount is returned to the city and used to pay for these services. Every dollar you spend in your community helps the community pay for police officers, plug potholes, repair sidewalks, clean streets, and get the state gas tax that can be used to improve our roads.

Sammy Elias of Mes Amis started in Chino Hills in 2010, moved to Upland, closed in 2017 due to rent problems and is now in his third eatery, where he opened in early March. He is scheduled to have lunch with the mayor of Chesapeake Hills, Peter Rogers, on Tuesday, March 7, from 11: 30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Visit / davidallencolumnist on Facebook, follow @ DavidAllen909 on Twitter and visit INSIDEOCALIACALA _ com / davidallens on Instagram.

This morning, Westenhaver decided that closing was the right thing to do, but he didn't like the thought of firing his staff without pay and making a loss on food. He refused to use the delivery service, which he said charged him so high fees that he could not make money from it. Those who had closed the dining room told him that if he closed it, he would temporarily drop the service staff, keep the kitchen staff but switch to takeout.

The revenue from the sales tax is part of the funds used for Chino Hills services. The $47,000 in sales tax revenue brought enough money to drive 21,000 households to the gas station for about 30,000 cars that need a tank of gasoline each week. Those two figures combined would be enough to fund a sheriff's deputy for patrols and a police officer for 1,500 residents of the city. If we had the same number of residents as the entire city of Los Angeles County, the sales tax returned to our city of $1 would amount to just over $42 000 annually.

For Rogers and his roommates in Chino Hills and Los Angeles County, the perspective of these two levels of government had to be worked out by Rogers and his roommates.

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