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The city of Chino Hills is in the midst of an expansion of housing, with the addition of more than 1,000 new apartments in the neighborhoods surrounding Chinos Hills High School. We are pleased to announce the construction of two classes of industrial and distribution facilities totaling over 1.5 million square feet of office, retail and residential space. This is the first phase of the city's industrial development project in neighboring Eastvale and is part of the ongoing efforts of the city and the California Department of Industrial Development.

We are in the midst of a multi-million dollar expansion of Chino Hills High School's campus with more than 1,000 new apartments and a new school building.

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Chino Hills shows the property taxes paid by homeowners in the region and shows that it has the highest property tax rate of any area in Southern California and the second highest in Los Angeles County. It also provides the frequency distribution of home prices within the region and is useful for understanding affordable housing funds compared to the state of California. Chinos Hills ranks first in the number of homes with a "no mortgage" (12%), but it is also 42.1% higher in rental prices than in the state of California. This is a good indication that Yorba Linda, pictured, has a higher percentage of single-family homes than any other area of Orange County and Chino Hill. In addition to the largest share of low-income households in California (18.5%), Chesapeake Hills is also the most affordable area for renters (2.7%).

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More About Chino Hills