Chinohills California Sheraton Hotel

Chino Hills is located in the heart of Los Angeles County, California, just a short drive from downtown and offers guests a variety of amenities including a spa, fitness center, spa and spa facilities, as well as restaurants and bars. The Chinos Hills California Sheraton Hotel and Spa in Chino Hill is pet friendly and is close to many of the most popular hotels and resorts in Southern California. It is also pet friendly due to its proximity to the San Gabriel Valley.

TownePlace Suites helps guests to be organized on the go with the help of our partner Container Store. The floor-to-ceiling TowneMap (r) also helps guests get used to Chino Hills by providing a variety of great places to play, eat, sleep and play.

Our front desk will help you deliver mail, fax and photocopy services if you need it, and our contribution to is treated with the utmost respect and reflects our commitment to our guests and the hotel. We also take our commitment to the environment very seriously and strive to renew our environment without wasting natural resources unnecessarily.

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Please mention your pets in the "Guest" box when making your reservation, as pets can be counted. Please read the dog friendly Vrbo list for Chino Hills and contact your host or contact the owner. If you are listed for a particular property in Chinos Hills, please read about it on our website.

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Four-legged guests can indulge in treats at the reception and there is a pet area in front of the house. Pet litter bags are available and the hotel has a designated "pet-free area" on the property, which is available for dogs, cats and other pets of all sizes and shapes. At our reception you can also buy litter bags for pets, pet food, water and treats for pets.

Dogs and cats are allowed in the quiet hours from 10 pm, but well-behaved pets may be left unattended in the room. Guests can get pet food, water, treats, trash bags and treats for their pets at the reception.

Guests who cancel their reservation within 24 hours and fail to show it will lose their deposit for a non-refundable deposit of $3 per night. Reservations will be debited at the indicated rate from the credit card that contains the reservation. If a reservation is cancelled within 30 days of the date of booking or within 12 hours of the expiry date, it must be cancelled immediately. Guests who cancel (or fail to show up) within 24 hours of the original reservation date will lose their deposit for the night, including taxes.

If the stay is less than seven days, guests pay for the entire stay for one week. Guests paying the weekly rate will be charged for their stay at check-in and will have to pay again at the end of their stay. For stays of seven days - duration - guests must pay in advance, but for longer stays ThanSeven - days, guest is required to have paid in one week in advance.

If applicable, the fees are usually displayed on-site in the "Owner's Fees" section of the checkout. The month is payable on the first night of the stay and must not exceed $50 tax per month per pet. If you do not exceed the $150 pet tax, you will be charged the tax at check-in at the end of your stay.

More About Chino Hills

More About Chino Hills